Skip the card,  this is much sweeter!  How much do they cost now anyway?  $6?  And no one will throw these in the trash!! These can be personalized and  I can do (almost) anything you would like. If you have an idea, something you would like to say, to someone special, let me know!

Valentine’s proposal. Guys, are you just a little nervous? Maybe this will help. Packaged in a white bakery box with red bow. This cookie is available by request only. Please email to request this one.


sugar cookies

Punny sets, Set of 2 cookies each, individually wrapped and gift boxed

Teacher sets.

Almond raspberry hearts (This is not a sugar cookie and contains almond paste made from real almonds). This cookie is a special one. It is a favorite of my husband, his sister & my closest friends. I get lots of requests for this one! One dozen.