Not all edible art is created equal

Gold is an often requested color.  But not all gold is considered “edible”.  The FDA regulates ingredients for  any food item that is legally sold in the United States.  It is up to your cookie or cake decorator to tell you when they are using a product or ingredient that is not considered edible.  Some are labeled as “For decoration purposes only.”  These items are considered non-toxic, but not considered to be edible by the FDA and should in theory be removed before consuming a cookie/cake or other colored item.

I know, we are talking about a cookie – with lots of butter, sugar, and yes, food color.  Not exactly health food.  But let’s not make it as bad as it can be, in the name of art.  I will never do this.  But you will also see that my gold is not a lustrous as others.  Sorry, not.



Tied with purple

Who doesn’t like a package tied with a purple ribbon?

Cookies arrive in a window bakery box, packaged for display, just waiting to be consumed!!  Enjoy!

Everyone loves cookies!!


Hello cookie lovers!

I finally created a website!! (Well kinda)  It is still under construction,  so please forgive me as I continue to “build”.  This is definitely a lot more learning than I had anticipated.  I have to say it is not as easy as I thought, but it is fun to be able to show the world what I love to do.